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Privacy Policy

Taronga Conservation Society Australia (TCSA) under the registered trading name of Zoological Parks Board of New South Wales is committed to protecting your privacy while you interact with our websites. This includes visits using URLs,,, and

TCSA is subject to the NSW Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act (1988). TCSA Privacy Management Plan outlines how Taronga and Taronga Western Plains Zoos comply with the Act and the standards outlined in the Information Protection Principles. For a copy of the plan, call 9978 4716.

Statistical Information

When you visit this site, the following information is recorded by the service provider for statistical purposes:

·         a record of your server address;

·         the top level domain name (for example, .com, .gov, .au);

·         the date and time of your visit to the site;

·         the pages accessed and documents downloaded; and

·         the previous site visited.

We do not use any cookies on any area of the site that is accessible to the public.

No attempts are made to identify anyone browsing our site. The data is captured so that the ZPB can accurately evaluate the quality of the content on the website and make continuous improvements.

The only time our site is able to identify you is if you have signed up to become a ZooParent or a patron or contributor to the Taronga Foundation, and agreed to provide your details. In this case, the ZPB website maintains a register of your user details in order to make your return visits to the site (and access to information relevant to your association with the TCSA) easier for you.

Contacting the TCSA by email

TCSA will only record your email address if you send us a message. It will only be used for the purposes for which you provided it and will not be added to a mailing list. We will not use your email address for any other purpose, and will not disclose it, without your consent.

Collection of personal information

TCSA will collect personal information if you elect to become a ZooParent or patron/contributor to the Taronga Foundation. These programs are hosted on the Taronga Foundation section of or

TCSA will also collect information from users electing to enrol in education programs or activities using the on-line services provided. These details are collected specifically to enable your participation in the program/activity of your choice.

Personal information collected will include name, address, telephone numbers, email address, postal address (where applicable) and the nature of your membership (eg , as a ZooParent, the animal you sponsor).

TCSA may use your personal information to contact you about the following:

·         To provide information about events, programs and activities being undertaken by Taronga and Taronga Western Plains Zoo, and

·         To raise funds for conservation programs undertaken and supported by the Taronga Foundation and the TCSA.

Collection of personal information to enable your purchase of Zoo retail products:

TCSA will collect personal information if you choose to purchase Zoo retail products via our website. Personal information collected can include name, address, telephone numbers, email address, credit card details, postal address and choice of retail product details.

These details are collected specifically to enable the purchase and delivery of retail products of your choice will not be disclosed to any outside agency without your explicit consent.


TCSA may disclose personal information it holds to other organisations involved in the preservation of life on Earth once we are satisfied that:

·         The aims and objectives of such organisations are consistent with those of TCSA; and

·         The intended use of the information is consistent with the purposes for which the TCSA would use the same information; and

·         The personal information is used in a way that is approved in advance and in writing by TCSA and can be used for no other purpose than that specified.

However, TCSA will not disclose your personal information to other organisations if you advise us in writing that this is your preference.

Under no circumstances will TCSA sell or receive payment for licensing or disclosing your personal information.

Notwithstanding the above, TCSA will share information with third parties if:

·         We need to share personal information in order to provide the product or service requested;

·         We are legally obliged to do so; or,

·         We are otherwise required or committed by the Privacy Act 1988.

Access and Alteration to Personal Information

TCSA facilitates individuals to access their personal information in the following manner:

·         The request must be in writing;

·         TCSA will endeavour to respond in writing to requests for access within twenty eight (28) days of the receipt of the request at the offices of TCSA; and

·         TCSA may impose a charge on providing access to the personal information depending on the nature of the request.

If a person wishes to alter personal information held by TCSA, they should advise us in writing of the required changes. TCSA will endeavour to make the changes requested within twenty eight (28) days of the receipt of the changes at the offices of TCSA, provided that we are satisfied that the changes are accurate, complete and up to date. TCSA will not confirm the changes are made unless specifically requested to do so.


In the event that a person considers that TCSA has breached the policy on privacy, they should provide details of the circumstances in writing to TCSA. TCSA will endeavour to respond to such a complaint within twenty eight (28) days of its receipt at the offices of TCSA.

Contact Details

If you require further information about the TCSA Privacy Internet Policy or wish to comment on the policy, the contact details for TCSA are as follows:

The Director and Chief Executive Officer

Taronga Conservation Society Australia

c/- Taronga Zoo

PO Box 20

Mosman NSW 2088

Telephone: 61 2 9969 2777