Privacy Statement

Kids Under Cover Privacy Policy

Kids Under Cover is committed to protecting your privacy. We have developed a Privacy Policy to reflect that commitment.

Kids Under Cover is an organisation that stores private records of people and businesses for contact and review purposes.

Kids Under Cover acknowledges the fact that the information contained in these records is confidential, and will endeavour to protect each file and oversee its proper storage and security both on our database and in our filing system.

Kids Under Cover deals with personal information about clients being social welfare agencies, and their clients, donors, sponsors, potential sponsors, and suppliers. These particular records are used mainly for contact purposes. They contain basic contact information such as the name, address and phone numbers of the welfare agencies clients.

When applications for studios are made to KUC, we collect some information about those applying to help us provide our service properly.

When an application for housing is presented, personal and detailed information about the client is expressed. This information can relate to the social welfare of the client, including the circumstances that he/she is in and the disadvantages he/she may have.

For applicants of studios, we do not disclose any personal information about you without informing the welfare agency that made the application for the bungalow first.

This information is treated equally as confidential and is used only for review purposes by the Project Manager, Executive Director and Board Members, as well as distributed to relevant people in order to start and complete the building process i.e. for permit application etc.

Files stored at Kids Under Cover are electronic and on paper. Kids Under Cover reserves the right to make duplicates of files as necessary.

Kids Under Cover is responsible for the quality and maintenance of records. This includes making sure records are accurate, complete and up to date. Under the Victorian Freedom of Information Act records should be made available upon request to the client, and should be edited accordingly.

The staff at Kids Under Cover is not permitted to discuss or exchange information about clients outside of business conditions.

We will continue to provide our customers with quality service and will take reasonable steps to ensure that any information provided to us is secure from unauthorised access, modification or disclosure.

If you have any concerns about our privacy policy, please contact us at Kids Under Cover on 03 9429 7444.