It is important that members of RSPCA ACT are aware of the Society’s policies and positions on animal welfare and that they uphold RSPCA values. For these reasons, the following information is required:

In relation to your treatment of, or your responsibility for, an animal, including matters involving mistreatment or neglect, have you ever been visited or spoken to by:

• The police, whether State/Territory or Commonwealth;

• A uniformed inspector of an animal welfare organisation performing functions under animal welfare legislation; or

• Any government agency, whether local, State/ Territory or Commonwealth

Are you now, or have you ever been, as an individual, a member of any group, club, organisation, business entity or association that has had any involvement with animals or animal related activities? If you answered yes to any of the above please email RSPCA ACT at to discuss the matter further.

I, declare that all information given with this application is true and correct. If any relevant information is withheld, misrepresented or false, I recognise RSPCA ACT Board's right to require me to show cause as to why my application should not be rejected. Should I be granted membership and my application is subsequently discovered to contain misleading, incomplete or false information, Board has the right to terminate my membership forthwith. I further recognise the Board's right to terminate my membership should I not uphold the Society’s policies and positions on animal welfare.


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Must be 18 years or older for Ordinary membership

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