Adopt a Devil
Donations over $2 are tax deductible
Platinum Donor (Adopt a devil) $2,000 annually / $167 monthly
Name your very own devil and cover all costs associated for a year. Your donation provides, food, health checks, and preventative treatment and the name you give your devil will stay with it forever.
Gold Donor (Support a devil) $900 annually / $76 monthly
Covers basic costs of one devil for a year. This includes food and a quarterly health check. A health check is vital to ensure the wellbeing of devils at Devil Ark. Devils are caught every three months and ID’s by microchip. They are weighed and keepers inspect their general health. If they are females from the breeding program, their pouches are also checked for young.
Silver Donor (Feed a devil) $730 annually / $62 monthly
Covers food costs for one devil at Devil Ark for a year. The Tasmanian devil is the world’s largest carnivorous marsupial and can eat a staggering 40% of its body weight in just 30minutes. Devils at Devil Ark are fed mainly kangaroo and only fed six days a week, as a devil in the wild wouldn’t eat every sin

Item Value Quantity Gift
Adopt Devil - Annually $2,000.00
Adopt Devil - Monthly $167.00
Support a Devil - Annually $900.00
Support a Devil - Monthly $76.00
Feed a Devil - Annually $730.00
Feed a Devil - Monthly $62.00
Protect a Devil - Annually $200.00
Protect a Devil - Monthly $18.00
Total 0   
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Please note that although the automation of online receipting is becoming more acceptable, we feel that it removes the personal contact of donating and does not allow us to personalise responses and acknowledge you. For this we apologise. Please know that we would be happy to communicate with you! Should you have a question about your donation or would like to provide us with additional details, please contact our office by email at or by phone 02 4340 8611