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Patron Craig Wing with sister Kirsty
Thank you for renewing your membership...  you are helping to give people with Down syndrome a louder community voice, and to build a more inclusive society. You are also helping the Association provide a range of services for people with Down syndrome and their families: Parent Support; Information Services; NSW-wide seminars and workshops; Adult programs - social and peer support, mentoring and life coaching to help young adults with Down syndrome achieve greater independence. 
Over the last year, the economic downturn caused our income to drop by 15%. We are maintaining the rate for parents and family members at just $40, to keep it affordable for all those affected by DS to get the support and info they need, regardless of their circumstances. To help us keep membership rates low, and to help us continue to maintain and grow our programs and services for children and adults affected by Down syndrome and their families, please consider making a tax deductible

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