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Down Syndrome NSW supports children and adults with Down syndrome, their parents and families in every aspect of family and community life. We share our experiences, expertise, resources and contacts.

I need to raise at least $310,000 this financial year (an increase of 10% from $282,000 last year) to realise our plans for the next 12 months. To do so I need your help. Currently the Government funding we receive only covers 30% of our total program costs – so your support is critical for us to raise the other 70% to enable us to achieve more great outcomes like those highlighted in our most recent Annual Report.

Thanks to growing community support, acceptance and understanding, people with Down syndrome are now valued community members leading more confident, happy, independent and productive lives than ever dreamed possible.

Thanks to your donation we will be able to build on that progress and do even more to meet the needs of people with Down syndrome in 2010 and beyond.

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All donations of $2+ tax deductible. Donations of $100 or more may be credited in DS NSW's Annual report unless otherwise requested