Thank you for choosing to make a donation to Totara Hospice South Auckland.
Totara Hospice South Auckland cares for the terminally ill, and offers a dignified, peaceful place of comfort and support to patients and those affected by death and dying in our community.
Any individual who makes a gift of $5 or more to a charitable organisation from the 2008/09 tax year onwards can claim 1/3 of their taxable income or 1/3 of the total donations made in that tax year, which ever is the lesser amount. Companies can claim a deduction for all charitable gifts up to the total company net income.
**Some people maybe experiencing issues trying to donate by credit card using this form online with certain operating systems. If you experience issues please contact Nicole Pemberton at Totara Hospice to arrange your donation directly. Phone +64 9  640 0250 or email
Thank you for your patience - we will rectify this issue as soon as possible 
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We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Diners Card. The Hospice will receive the money without seeing your credit card number and you will receive a receipt by email.
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You can post your cheque to:
Totara Hospice South Auckland
PO Box 75560
Auckland 2243
New Zealand
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Totara Hospice South Auckland

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