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Thank you for your generous gift to the Stillbirth Foundation Australia. Our mission is to reduce the incidence of stillbirth in Australia through research, education and advocacy.  Your support will truly help to make a lifetime of difference. 

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Please note that although the automation of online receipting is becoming more acceptable and popular, we feel that it removes the personal contact of donating and does not allow us to personalise responses and acknowledge our gratitude to you. For this we apologise.

If you are making your donation in memory of your own baby, please know that we feel incredibly privileged that you have chosen to honour your baby's memory through supporting the Stillbirth Foundation Australia. Alternatively, if you are making this donation in memory of someone else's baby and would like us to notify the baby's parents of the donation, please let us know and we would be pleased to do this for you.

Please know that we would be happy to communicate directly with you! Should you have a question about your donation or would like to provide us with additional details, please contact our office by email at or by phone (02) 9557 9070.

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