The Taronga Conservation Science Initiative
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Become Part of Our Future

The Initiative seeks to secure $600,000 for conservation research from private sources over the next three years.  Whilst we are not seeking to tie donations to specific projects, we would invite you to nominate which projects you are particularly interested in so that we can tailor your involvement to these research areas.
We offer a choice of levels of support:
TCSI Associate   $30,000+ per annum for three years
TCSI Partner       $15,000+ per annum for three years
TCSI Supporter   $5,000+ per annum for three years
TCSI Donor         Donation of any amount
TCSI Junior         Donation of any amount

All donors to the Taronga Conservation Science Initiative will receive, with consent, recognition on our website and in our annual report.
Donations of $2 and over are tax-deductible.

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