The Australian Leadership Paradox

by Aigner & Skelton

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    The Australian Leadership Paradox: What it takes to lead in the lucky country

    By Geoff Aigner and Liz Skelton
    Is Australia stuck in a leadership fantasy?
    Australia's leadership - particularly in politics but also in business and community - is paralysed by a culture of dissatisfaction and complaint. 
    Why?  How did we get here?  And what can we do about it? 
    In The Australian Leadership Paradox, Geoff Aigner and Liz Skelton argue the problem stems from a misunderstanding about what leadership really is, can and should be.
    The book provides new insights into Australia's distinct leadership culture. It exposes the inherent tensions in Australians' historical relationship with authority; interrogates our culture of mateship and egalitarianism, and challenges the narrative of a nation of Aussies battling adversity when we are actually living in the 'lucky country'.
    Publisher: Allen & Unwin
    Publication Date: 1 August 2013
    RRP: $29.99