Meri Peach Basketry Workshop (Sydney)

Basketry Workshop

  When:    20 Jun 2014 09:30 - 21 Jun 2014 16:00  
  Where:  Joseph Maiden Theatre, Royal Botanic Garden, Sydney

      Member two day price $260.00  


      Non member two day price $300.00  


      Member Coiling Reclaimed one day place $130.00  


      Non Member Coiling Reclaimed one day place $150.00  


      Member Twining reclaimed one day place $130.00  


      Non Member Twining Reclaimed one day place $150.00  



    On Day 1 of this workshop students will learn the techniques of coiled basketry, where materials are stitched together. Day 2 of the workshop will be twining (a type of weaving). Students can choose to do either one or both days of the workshop.

     Plant materials were traditionally used for basket making, but this workshop features a modern twist, making use of reclaimed materials such as plastic bags, scrap fabrics, onion bags, chip wrappers and scrap wool to create colourful basketry vessels. This is a great way to recycle some waste materials from around the house.

     The tutor Meri will provide all the necessary materials, but students may also bring their own reclaimed materials for experimentation.  Flexible material that can be cut into long narrow strips (5 mm wide or less) is suitable; for instance, plastics, fabrics, rubber, leather, wool, mesh, soft wires, electrical cords, other cordage. Please note that plastic bags from the supermarket checkout are NOT suitable for this workshop; plastic bags should be the smoother, non- degradable kind (e.g. from fashion shops).
    Cost includes materials, morning tea and lunch.
    Please note: No deposits can be paid online.  If you wish to pay a deposit for this class please call the office on 9231 8182.